PEP Go Green Marketing

Main Objective

To emphasize environmental sustainability and responsible business practices by promoting company's commitment to environmental conservation, and engaging in eco-friendly activities.

  • Our Guidelines
  • Proweaver must use various online media including website, social media, email, video, infographics to promote Proweaver’s services to existing and potential customers as well as in advertising the organization’s different job hiring activities.

  • Why Go Green Marketing?

    Proweaver must continue to develop products/services without any ecological footprint. We offer digital marketing materials to small businesses for their promotional activities without using any printed materials, thus minimizing the usage of papers or any physical resources.

  • Cost-Effective: Digital marketing materials are often more cost-effective than traditional print materials, making them an efficient choice for small businesses.

  • Wider Reach: Digital channels allow small businesses to reach a global audience, breaking geographical boundaries and appealing to a larger pool of eco-conscious customers.

    Eco-Friendly Distribution: Unlike traditional print materials, digital promotional materials do not involve the consumption of paper or physical resources, aligning with Proweaver's sustainability goals.

  • Our Commitment
  • We are committed to promote eco-friendly initiatives while inspiring and educating our target market to join the green movement and make sustainable choices in their small businesses.