PEP Go Green Policy

Main Objective

To raise awareness of the massive disposal of single-use garbage leading to pollution filling the landfills, oceans, and waterways, and also aims to reduce and eliminate the volume of waste by the office every day.


  • The employees are encouraged to bring their spoon, fork, and straw for their daily lunch.
    The employees are encouraged to bring mugs and stainless steel or BPA-free bottles to refill their beverages.
  • The employees may leave their clean mugs, tumblers, cups, and bottles in their respective lockers after use/for storage.
    If the employee orders a takeout meal, they should use the utensil that comes with the meal.
  • If the employee buys bottled beverages, they must dispose of them in the recyclable trash bin.
    Offices must not provide disposable spoons and forks but will give a single disposable paper plate and paper cup per employee daily.
  • The employees are encouraged to use biodegradable food containers and will use their lunch boxes for store-bought food.
    The employees may only wash their utensils within lunch and break time.
  • The admin staff must use biodegradable plastic bags or use/bring recyclable eco- bags in shopping for office supplies.
  • Our Commitment

Proweaver will sanction employees who violate this policy based on ARTICLE 8. Conduct and Behavior (8.14. Violation or Non-compliance of Office Policies on Cleanliness and Upkeep), and Article 10. Insubordination. (10.3. Any other willful or intentional disobedience of any rules, orders and lawful instructions of the company and/or management).

Proweaver HR - Employee Relations Team will monitor the implemented policy.